Getting into the good stuff!

So I am starting off with the Animal Stories for Bedtime book. This one has some of my kid’s favorites and is such a great collection! What some might call a treasury of stories, every child needs a book, or several, like this! Even though my kids are older now, nine and twelve, they still get out their treasury books to read when we can’t make it to the library! And of course, it’s not just for bedtime! You can find the book here on my personal Usborne Books & More website. And you can see more of the book here in a YouTube video.

Before we get too far into the posting of activities, here’s a tip: start collecting! Easy crafts and activities involve a lot of the same craft supplies! Some of those items are: toilet paper or paper towel tubes, craft(popsicle) sticks, glue, yarn, tissue paper, tissue boxes, paper bags, oatmeal canisters with the lids, orange juice or half and half cartons, crayons, kid friendly washable paints and markers! Go ahead and start stacking up on these for future fun! Think of it as another way to recycle! And remember, these activities may seem redundant to you, but kids love them! And if you get bored with my suggestions, the internet is full of other ideas! Be brave and have fun!

In case you aren’t into activities, here are some other fun things you can do during or after reading a story:
1. Do the voices of the characters and/or role play it once you’ve read it.
2. Ask what their favorite part was and share your’s.
3. Go back and look at the illustrations and pick a favorite one.
4. Talk about what you could change about the story to make it different, or tell/talk about it from a different character’s perspective. What would it be like if we make it sillier? More serious?
5. Make a sensory bag. Find things that can represent different characters or parts of the story, put them in a paper bag or pillowcase, close your eyes, reach in and see if you can guess what you have before you pull it out. This is really fun for kids under 6.
6. Play dough – always fun to do some “sculpting” of characters and scenery.

Although there are many stories in this book, the story I’m giving activities for is The Three Little Pigs.

Something fun to do with cooking would be to read the story and make a snack of “pigs in a blanket.“ (Just in case anyone needs instructions.)

Here’s your first toilet paper tube craft opportunity!

This site has printables! Something fun to add to the printables would be to texture the houses with spaghetti noodles for hay, pretzels for sticks and maybe gummy candies like Mike and Ike’s or Hot Tamales for bricks!

This site has a lot of different printables and ideas.

But my favorite find was this awesome wolf mask! You can print it out and save it for other stories with wolves in it!

Hope these  links and ideas help you on your journey to promoting curiosity! Happy reading and have fun!


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