Secret Confession Inside

SECRET CONFESSION -Are you ready?? — I am a book snob. — For real. I hate cartoon and tv character books! Children deserve good books! And not just ones with their favorite cartoon or movie character!! They need good books that let them know there is a beautiful, wonderful world outside of tv shows, video games and apps on a handheld device!! Books encourage kids to think outside of tv and video game world! They encourage them to use their imaginations and come up with their own ideas and characters! I believe we have a responsibility to give them good books – not just what they like, but adding in some of what they might not like or don’t know they like until they’ve tried it out. When your kid doesn’t like veggies or other things that are good for them, you don’t give up and give them only sweets! It’s the same with good books really, you’re just feeding their minds and imaginations! Now, on to today’s book and activity links!


The book for today is the The Peek Inside a Fairy Tale Little Red Riding Hood. This book is engaging because it has cut outs that allow you to peek through to the other pages! The windows peek through to show you inside the house when you are on the outdoor scenes, and allow you to peek through the inside and outside of the house, and through the trees of the forest too! You are going to hear me say this a lot, but I won’t apologize for it – love the illustrations of this book! Here’s the video review of it!

And there are more books in the Peek Inside Series! These aren’t fairytales, more informational, but still amazing!

 peek inside collection

Here are some quick links to some crafts!

You can make a craft stick basket for your Little Red, and you can make it just in time for Easter fun!

I also like this paper basket craft!

Here are some adorable, colored printable finger puppets!

Or if you’d like to color your own, print these.

And the last craft is using handy dandy toilet paper rolls to make cute characters!

Some other ideas would be to:

Make a special basket of goodies for someone who is sick, or just as a nice surprise.

Make a basket and talk about what kind of healthy foods you should put in it! Talk about food groups – dairy, fruits, veggies, etc.

Don’t forget the fun of acting the story out!!

And there’s a fun song near the bottom of this page!

Curiosity is out there, go promote it! Happy reading and happy doing!


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