Why children’s books? Why Usborne? Well, let me tell you about it. I saw a little something about being an Usborne Books & More consultant back in January, but didn’t think much of it. But about a month ago, a friend invited me to her Usborne Books & More Facebook party and I got so geeked out over the books! After working with kids, being a mom and home schooling for 7 years now, I have seen and read a lot of books for all ages! This company takes children’s books to a whole other level! I am so completely blown away by the quality and content that I just want to share them with as many people as possible! I really, truly believe in the power of books – that they can take a child from being a little interested in something, to being fascinated by it when it is presented in the right way.  Usborne Books takes educational content and makes it so much more appealing than an ordinary book! They use beautiful photos and illustrations, lift the flaps, and in some cases, internet links and references that pull you in and beg you to dive deeper into a subject! I can tell you right now, that my kids would much rather have a good book to look at and learn from than a textbook, or listening to me read from a teacher’s book. Even though some of the books I got in my Usborne consultant kit were for kids younger than my own, they still went through them all more than once because they were so engaging! The more we see, the more impressed we are with what’s offered! I am passionate about these , and getting them into the hands of children to get them excited about learning! And to promote their curiosity! 



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