A Word of Hope and Encouragement

For parents of reluctant readers! One of my biggest regrets in my life is that I was never a big reader as a child or teen! I am still not a big reader of books. Most of my reading consists of articles about things that pertain to home schooling, education and housekeeping! But as a home school mom, I felt like reading would and should play a huge role in our home schooling adventure. So of course, my first born was determined to be a reluctant reader! It was a struggle to get him to realize he could read on his own. He knew all the letter sounds, he just had to put them together. Once we got that down, we battled moving beyond basic phonics readers. Eventually we made it to books with chapters and not so many pictures. The day my son said he finished his first chapter book without many pictures was a day of rejoicing in this house! It had been about a two year process, but I never gave up on him. I would always suggest and pick books a little meatier than he would have picked on his own, just so we’d have them on hand when he was ready to try them. My daughter was completely different. She always wanted to be doing whatever her big brother was doing, so she jumped into reading with enthusiasm! I am proud to say that now both of my kids love to read! They read at breakfast, lunch and bedtime! The purpose of this story is to encourage you to always be challenging your kids, and never under estimate them!

And as a side note – provide them with all kinds of books to read! I am always sneaking in books I know my kids wouldn’t pick on their own! I purposefully set them out on the couch and coffee table to promote curiosity during one of those “I’m so bored I’m going to flop around on the couch” moments. And you know what? This approach works!! So if you have reluctant readers, don’t give up on them! Just keep poking, prodding and promoting curiosity!

Spring into Reading and Watch their minds bloom



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